Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Why go with a transition/outplacement firm like Wiederhold & Associates?
Because we focus exclusively on healthcare, we get better results than our competition. Firms that deal across industry lines have no particular expertise in any one industry. They don’t understand healthcare’s history and trends like we do. We are not recruiters, we are coaches. Other firms’ networks are limited, unlike our national network of thousands of senior level healthcare professionals as a resource for you. We have the most comprehensive data in the nation on open positions in the healthcare industry. We have a strong belief and commitment to your success. We partner with you, teaching you the skills you need for this journey and in your new opportunity.
How will we work together?
We get in the trenches with you! If you want to go the entrepreneurial route, we will get you there. If your choice is consulting or interim work, we will assist you there also. It’s your transition. We schedule regular phone meetings for the entire contract period. You have your own research and job lead generation personnel at your disposal. You are introduced to our national network of senior level healthcare professionals and healthcare recruiters. We coach you in a professional sales process because you are promoting the most important product that you ever will…YOU!
What’s your edge over your competition?
We offer a national network of thousands of healthcare professionals as a resource for you. We have a weekly teleconference open to all current clients discussing topics/questions suggested by participants. We bring job seekers together for effective information sharing. Using our processes (one-on-one interview session, practical deliverables that train you in the search process, LinkedIn specialists, and more) developed over many years our clients move through the system faster than those of our competitors.
What is the frequency of my contact with Wiederhold & Associates?
A Career Transition Specialist (CTS) will be assigned to you one-on-one during your program, who will work closely with Jim Wiederhold regarding your needs. You will have regularly scheduled calls with your CTS during your search. Jim Wiederhold will be available as needed via his cell phone because as you know, searches are feast or famine.
What is the makeup of the meetings?
You will need to provide me with an update of your activity at least a day prior to the meeting. This information would include the position sought, organization and all people you have contacted in the process up to that point. The reason we do this is twofold: I do not want to waste time asking for it during the meeting, and I want the meetings to focus on strategy, and to get you to start thinking ahead:
  • Where can you get additional information you can leverage?
  • With each individual, what is your next step and when will it occur?
  • What do you anticipate as objections to your candidacy and how will you overcome the objections or offset them?
Also, I do not share information with other clients unless you are aware of it and are comfortable with it.
What percentage of leads will we generate for you?
We strive to generate 80-90% of your leads. Each Friday sets of leads (CEO, COO, CFO, etc.) from a variety of sources are posted on the password protected client area of our website along with emails notifying privately solicitated candidate opportunities from our network members. Also, we will teach you a very effective networking process and make the majority of introductions for you. If done well, this will expose you to leads that are not advertised nor handled by recruiters. This is the larger part of the market. We also handle 80-90% of your research. Besides teaching you in effective networking we will also teach you how to target organizations to gain additional exposure to the unadvertised market.
How will we assist you in making 50 calls a week?
Remember that 50 calls a week is your goal and that you may not reach the goal immediately. We will make introductions to our network, but it is an expectation that, in the beginning, you get at least one name from every person you network with and eventually three. If done right, you will have more calls to make than you can get done. We will also assist you in scripting these calls; basically, giving you a process to fit into your own personality. In our meetings we will also review many of these calls to get a sense of how effective you are and how to make you even more effective.
Additionally, I have a list of recruiters that we send a personal introduction to after you have your new resume. And I will promise you this – through my network, I can get you an introduction to any recruiter you want.
What other executives do I know?
I cannot share that until we have an agreement, but I will tell you that it's not regional it's national.
How long will Phase I take?
How long do you want it to take? This phase can be done at your speed, but most important here is that you are really ready to launch.
How long will Phase II take?
I have averaged around 6-9 months. If we are good partners and you make your numbers, it can be done in less than that. It will also depend on the length of the contractual commitment.
Are most of my clients CEOs?
The majority are, but I work with a wide range of C suite executives as well as senior VPs and other VPs.
How do I handle competition when I have several CEOs I am working with at the same time?
This is not an issue because my job is to coach which means I get every client ready to the best of my ability. Once they have executed an effective process, the final decision lies with the search committees, not me. I would not hesitate to recommend one of my clients to an appropriate position but that simply opens the door. In the end, the ball is in their court. Bottom line – it has never been an issue.
How many clients have found positions through my leads, not theirs?
I have no idea. My focus is making you good at the process so you will get an offer. I operate as a coach, not a recruiter. If you work at the process the way I will teach you, you will come up with more offers. This is what I focus on.
If you open your own business, how does that affect the payment schedule?
It does not. If you go into your own business, I will help you put it together, get you the resources you need, introduce you to my network, and help you be an effective business developer. This would be part of our initial agreement.
Do you provide an office I can go to?
I believe that with the internet and the telephone, working with my clients virtually isn’t a problem. Most initial stage interviews with recruiters are done on the phone or a Skype setup, networking is rarely in person so an office space isn’t necessary to a successful search. The most important aspect of an office is a dedicated space and we can give you advice on how to set one up. Additionally, I always ask my clients. What's more important, an office or an introduction to the largest Executive Network in Healthcare today.

More Information

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